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The cornerstone of the entire manufacturing process is Reddog's engineering department. Our team of engineers has significant experience in product design, injection mold, and die-cast die design. 

Collaborative Engineering

Reddog's Engineering team has been collaborating with Engineering teams from other companies for decades. Reddog has the ability and willingness to offer as much support, or limited support, as needed on a project, depending on the level of your engineering needs.

  • Blue Prints, Broken Casting

  • Complete Plastic Injection Mold Design

  • Reverse Engineering


Engineering Relief

A steady amount of engineering work for many companies is not always a reality, due to random surges in the amount of engineering effort that needs to be done at times. Over the years, Our engineering team has grown accustomed to supporting our customers during these extremely busy times. It is common for us to adapt to other companies engineering practices in a short amount of time, in order to assist with engineering workload. 

  • Overwhelmed Projects

  • Need-by Date Designs

  • Part Design Reviews Manufacturability

  • Concept Visualization

Engineering Repair

Mold Repair design has become a specialty for Reddog's engineering team. The repair design all starts with a thorough evaluation of the damaged or worn-out mold by the team. a meeting with our customer and the team takes place after that to decide how to proceed. Typically the meeting will address these issues:

  • How to Repair parting Lines

  • What surfaces are worn out & need re-established

  • What components need replaced

  • The cost that is involved.

Reverse Engineer

Our reverse engineering capabilities will examine the construction or composition of another manufacturer's product in order to recreate your blueprints.



Using state of the art software to ensure the top quality designs & flexibility to work efficiently and effectively between colleagues

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