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Mold and Die Revision and Repair

Reddog Industries has developed the most extensive repair and revision facility in North America. Our journeyman mold and die makers have extensive experience in quick turn around repair of injection molds and die-cast dies.

Our Revision and Repair facility is a 24/7 operation. We have consistently exceeded the expectations of our customers with impeccable customer service and on-time delivery any time of the day or night. On-site welding capability allows our team to work more efficiently to provide the quick turn service our customers demand.

Reddog's in house mold and die component inventory is fully stocked. As a result, the cost and delay of last minute ordering and next day delivery of necessary repair components is virtually eliminated. Mold and die validation is essential when repairing or revising a mold or die in an expedited fashion. On-site spotting presses enable us to complete a production ready mold or die.